Top 10 Wines Rated Over 94

If you are looking for the very best wine, you need to look towards the professional rankings. These rankings showcase exactly how exceptional these wines are. Of course, it is always going to come down to your personal preference, but if you are stuck and not sure what sort of wine is best for a dinner party or simply with a specific meal, this is a list of the top 10 wines rated over 94.

1. 2007 Rasa Vineyards QED Red Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Walla Walla Valley

This bottle of red is going to set you back $50, but when it comes to high-end, you are not always going to find something extremely affordable. However, this wine, which is primarily a syrah (94 percent) miexed with three percent of both Grenache and Mourvedre provides a brilliant blackberry, cheery and white pepper flavor, all with a long lasting aroma that seems to stick to the air immediately after opening.

2. 2006 Dumas Station Minnick Hills Reserve Walla Wallay Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

This bottle is going to cost you around $88, but you are not only paying for the quality of the wine but also the aging, as the wine sits in oak barrels for 22 months before ever being released. And as a 2006, it has had almost a decade to age in the bottle. The 15.3 percent alcohol bottle provides a rich, yet complex flavor that pairs exceptionally well with lamb, red meat, dark chocolate or blue cheese.

3. 2008 Delectus Cabernet Franc, Knights Valley

A single bottle of this is going to set you back $78. However, the 22 months it spends sitting in new French oak barrels helps add to the vanilla, cheery and slight chocolate aroma and flavor. This wine is brilliant for after dinner or served with a red meat that is slow cooked and tender. Plus, the 16.9 percent alcohol makes sure you can feel it with every sip.

4. 2009 Fort Ross Pinot Noir Reserve, Sonoma Coast

Priced at $65, this wine spends 10 months in French oak barrels before bottling. The wine itself boasts of a toasty, yet spicy and fruity flavor. It is a rather enjoyable wine, especially if you are not big on the exceptionally dry red wines as well. However, if you do enjoy the bottle than make sure to stock up, as only 303 cases were produced.

5. 1994 Graham Vintage Port

Aged to the point of being a port, this wine is served best as a desert wine. The powerful spice yet cherry and orange bitters flavor allows you to kick back and just relax as the rest of the day unwinds. Whether it is a simple glass you enjoy by yourself with a good book in the study after the work week or with friends at a dinner party, this is an excellent wine for you.

6. 2009 Big Basin Vineyards Woodruff Family Vineyard Pinot Noir Santa Cruz Mountains

The wine ages in French oak barrels for 15 months before bottling, providing you with a floral, almost perfume like aroma when popping the cork. The 14.3 percent bottle of wine is perfectly paired with any sort of bird, whether it is game birds, duck, chicken or turkey. It also pairs exceptionally well with grilled salmon.

7. 2010 Big Basin Vineyards Paderewski Vineyard GSM Paso Robles Blend

This blended wine is made up of 49 percent Grenache, 39 percent Syrah and 12 percent Mourvedre. Aged for 19 months in French oak barrels, the wine offers a floral, yet strongly dark cherry and almost chocolate and spice flavor to it.

8. 2010 John Duval Entity Shiraz, Barossa Valley

This shiraz style of wine is aged in French oak for 17 months and has an excellent spice flavor to it, with hints of white pepper, dark cherry and almost a hit of cinnamon. The deep, ruby purple bottle of wine is perfect for enjoying in the evening when you just want to unwind.

9. 2003 Rippon Pinot Noir, Central Otago – Lake Wanaka

Priced at $109 a bottle, this 13.5 percent bottle of Pinot Noir is going to give you a desirable cherry, yet elegantly earthy flavor to it. It has a nice balance and even flavor to it, without being overly fruity.

10. 2011 Achaval Ferrer Finca Marador Malbec

This bottle of wine gives you an excellent cassis, spice and raspberry flavor notes while giving you a wine full of complexities you have to sip slowly to enjoy.