Top Ten Torrontés Wines

Argentine is home to this wine grape variety, namely Torrontés wine. Torrontes pronunciation is easy to learn with the following breakdown of this wine, as Tor RON taze.

The aroma of this wine is fresh apricot and peach with moderate acidity. The name Torrontés is synonymous with Malvasia, Torrontel Riojano and Torrontel. The three grape varieties of this wine are Torrontés riojano, most used, Torrontés Sanjuanino and Torrontés Mendocino.

The Torrontes wine characteristics of this grape is the Torrontes Riojano a special uniqueness. This grape is the most aromatic of the three with an exotic floral scent and spicy aroma. These grapes produce an aromatic dry white wine.

It is best to consume this wine within one year for the best flavor. This Argentine Torrontes wine food pairing is Thai food, chicken, cheeses, Mexican food and seafood. Torrontés food pairing is fennel-basil crème, smoked salmon, mango-pineapple vinaigrette, Asian food.

Many of these pairing work because Torrontés is floral scented with a good balance of spice and acidity. Torrontés torrontes wine ratings, gave Colomé 2008 Torrontés (Calchaquí Valley) 91 points. Don Manuel Villafane 2010 Torrontés (La Rioja), Colome 2006 Torrontés ( Calchiqui Valley) Bodega Luron, 2003 Torrontés (Mendoza) 90 points.

1. Colomé 2008 Torrontés (Calchaquí Valley) ($ unavailable)

This popular Torrontes wine is 91 points and is a wine with an aroma of exotic fresh flowers, Lychee and tangerine. Many wine experts say this wine is very impressive.

2. Alamos Torrontés Wine ($13.00)

This wine has a sweet and aromatic scent. Floral and fruity are the words to describe this wonderful wine. Scent is close to that of an expensive perfume with grapefruit, pear, intense floral and apricot that hits the nose. The mouth tastes a dry yet crisp wine with a floral taste that follow to the finish.

3. 2011 Inspiratto Torrontes 750ml (96 points) ($17.00)

Inspiratto wine is a medium-bodied wine offering the taste of crisp, tropical, citrus fruit. One is able to taste a hint of orange, peach, and white pear. This fruitiness lends to the aroma of sweetness. This wine is refreshing.

4. 2012 Carlos Basso Dos Fincas Torrontes, Salta 750 ml ($13.00)

This pale yellow color wine from Argentina is 13.5 percent alcohol. This white wine offers fragrances of tropical flavors, wild flowers and baking spices. It is a well-balanced wine. Food pairings is fish venues due to this wines luscious taste of white peach melon and white pepper.

5. 2013 Don Rodolfo Torrontes 750 mL ($12.00)

This white wine is from Argentina and is 100 percent Torrontes with an alcohol volume of 13.1 percent. This wine tastes like white peach, apricot and floral. Color is of pale yellow with hints of occasional green colors. This wine’s scent is as elegant as its color, with hints of peaches and apricots. This is a dry wine with moderate acidity. Drinking this wine reminds one of freshness.

6. 2011 Toneles del Sur Torrontes, Mendoza 750 ml ($16.99)

This white wine from Argentina is a blend of Torrontes and 5 percent Chardonnay with a volume of alcohol at 13.5 percent. Food pairing includes white wild game and sushi. Argentina hails the grapes as those of paradise. Aromas of this wine combine fresh flowers and citrus. Wine lovers say this wine reminds them of peaceful and pristine beaches, flowers and a hint of fresh fruit. This wine has a dry finish.

7. 2012 Frog’s Tooth California Torrontes 750 ml ($16.00)

This white wine produced in California, USA is 100 percent Torrontes with volume of alcohol at 13.5 percent. Taste reviews say this wonderful wine has flavors of apricot, flowers and peach. This wine demands no food parings, however if one wants to enjoy a glass of this wine, enjoy it with smoked meats, seafood, spicy foods and medium to strong cheeses. Aromas come to one’s nose in the form of hints of fresh peach, apricot, orange citrus fruit and flowers. Wine lovers must try this dry wine because the full flavors are unbelievable.

8. Domados Torrontés, 2009, 750ml

This white wine originates from Argentina and is of true Argentinean character. This award-winning wine is in demand and very popular throughout the world. The process of this wine is totally unoaked to bring out the trueness of the torrontés grape. This wine as a fresh smell of beautiful flowers and the wine lover can smell hints of tropical fruits, oranges and pears that lend to the clean and crisp finish. This dry wine makes excellent food pairing with spicy venues, chicken, creamy sauces and seafood.

*This wine sells out quickly but it is possible to add your name to a waiting list when it is available for sale.

9. 2010 Susana Balbo Late Harvest Torrontés 500 ml ($30.00 avg)

This wonderful white wine is 100 percent torrontes from Altamira. This wine aged in French oak for three months has an alcohol volume of 12.5 percent. This is a beautiful color white wine, pale yellow color with hints of gold. The aromas of this wine are of jasmine, fresh citrus fruit and white rose petals. The flavors of Lychee, pear and honey are wonderful on the palate, with a smooth velvet finish.

10. 2011 Riaza Torrontes 750 ml (price is unavailable)

This medium-bodied, pale yellow-white wine is a blend of 95 percent torrontes and 5 percent muscatel with an alcohol content of 12.6 percent. This wine ages for ten months in stainless steel. The taste of this wine is of floral, apricot, honeysuckle and a hint of spice. Aromas meeting the nose are of pleasant apricot, honeysuckle and a hint of rose. This wine meets the palate with floral notes. This wine is popular and is equal in taste to an aged Chardonnay.