Top Ten Vintage Wines From 1995

1995 was a good year for California and German wine, and there was a great vintage port that was set aside that year. However the consensus seems to be that the 1995 Wine of the Year is the vintage in Bordeaux from St. Emilion in particular although the entire area produced spectacular wines that year. The French Bordeaux area has ruled 1995 wine spectator top 100 list. As far as prices go, it is veritable. You can find a good vintage wine for sale from fifty dollars to over a thousand dollars per bottle depending on the rarity and vineyard. Vintage wine values increase with time to a point but be sure to keep an eye on the maturation date based on tastings.

1. 1995 Mouton-Rothschild Bordeaux 750 mL

 This wine has received great reviews at each tasting. It is bold, yet has a complexity that reveals itself slowly. Open at least two hours before drinking to allow the Bordeaux to breath and then sit back and enjoy every taste. Some have said they would like to drink this everyday. It is a rare and delightful wine that should be savored.

2. 1995 Dujac Morey Saint Denis, Burgundy 750 mL

Colored like raspberries, and described as juicy, this wine is bold and surprisingly refreshing for its age. It has an intense aroma and is easy to enjoy, but try to take your time because this one will not last forever. The red blend from Burgundy hit all the right notes in 1995 and every tasting since has been satisfying.

3. 1995 Lafite-Rothschild Bordeaux 750 mL

Dark, so dark and bold, with a pleasant coconut aftertaste. As usual they got it right at Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, but 1995 was a good year even for them. The Lafite is preferred by those who can have any wine in the world and with good reason. They have perfected the art of winemaking over centuries and lead the name in expensive vintage wines.

4. 1995 Clos de la Vieille Eglise, Bordeaux 750 mL

Bold, aromatic, and sensuous are all adjectives tasters have murmured about the 1995 Bordeaux. There is some bricking that shows the age, and it should be permitted to breath before tasting, but the complex fruity blend is worth the wait.

5. 1995 Quinta do Noval Silval, Vintage Port 375 mL

This dessert wine from Portugal has aged into a mellow complex flavor with light fig notes and a pleasantly complex fruity aftertaste. It is priced well for those just getting into tasting vintage wines, yet has a flavor that will make buyers want to continue to try the more costly vintage wines.

6. 1995 Hedges Family Estate Red Mountain Reserve 750 mL

From the upper west coast of the United States, this wine put the winery on the map. The wine is complex due to the layers of fruits that went into the blend and the aged oak barrels that it spent over two years in before bottling. This blend goes well with meals and on cool winter evenings to recall a taste of the warm summer of 1995.

7. 1995 Ceretto Bricco Asili Barbaresco 750 mL

According to the reviews this is the year to open the 1995 Ceretto, some oxidation has begun however a couple of hours of decanting solved the issue. It is a balanced and elegant blend that goes great with a fine dinner and conversation. Enjoy it now though, the time has come.

8. 1995 Marchesi di Gresy Martinenga Barbaresco Camp Gros 750 mL

This red blend from Italy can stand right next to the Bordeaux from France that year. And that is saying a lot considering how well they did in 1995. Reviewers say that this blend is now fully mature and should be enjoyed now or in the next two years. There are many layers of flavors and while it goes well with a meal, it can be appreciated alone as well.

9. 1995 Allegrini Amarone Classico 750 mL

This Italian red is bold with many layers of flavors including red berry, almonds, and cocoa. It has been well received at tastings across the world. Each review for it has improved over time, so it is aging beautifully. It is recommended to decant this twice over four hours for the richest flavor experience.

10. Sterling Svr Reserve 1995 750ML

Napa Vally has built a reputation for fine wines that is beginning to compete with the European blends. The 1995 Sterling Reserve from Sterling Vineyards is complex and layered. Tasters enjoy the blend now and say that is should age well over the next few years as well. It is easy on the palate with a rewarding aftertaste and very subtle aroma.